Benefits of chiropractic for Back pain

Benefits of chiropractic

Back pain

Chiropractic has the highest satisfaction rate in the management of neck and back pain.

This is one of the most common problems in our society, and it can have a major negative impact on your mobility, vitality, creativity, emotional balance, mental focus and self-esteem. Chiropractic can help to improve posture and balance conditions such as pain, scoliosis herniated discs and much more.

Pain, weakness and muscle contractures are natural body mechanisms that attempt to stabilize vulnerable areas at risk of serious injury. From mild and progressive pain, to constant or sudden sharp twinges that hinders normal daily movement.


Back Pain

Studies show chiropractic care can help with back pain

A study published in United States Orthopaedic comparing medication and chiropractic in the treatment of chronic pain stated: “Chiropractic treatments were 5 times more effective than medication and 3 times more in treating back pain”.

Another study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) indicated that: “Patients with chronic pain treated by chiropractors, obtained a greater degree of improvement and satisfaction in comparison to the patients treated by medical doctors.”

Chiropractor evaluation

Chiropractic steps on back pain management:

1. Patient medical history and advanced imaging techniques if required.
2. Postural and biomechanical assessment to prevent premature degeneration.
3. Complete neuro-orthopedic and neurological spinal exam, including muscle test evaluation, to detect the root cause of the problem and affected body parts.
4. A specific chiropractic adjustments and care plan, will improve affected nerves and muscles, re-establishing correct position of the vertebrae and increasing global movement.
5. Regular chiropractic care will increase flexibility and reinforce the back.

Why Chiropractic can help?

• Decrease general pain symptoms
• Improve vertebal alignment and global spinal motion
• Eliminate spinal nerves, disc and muscle pressure

Some of the causes of back pain

Weak muscles from a sedentary life style without exercising regularly
Overweight and chronic digestive problems>
An accident or recent fall, lifting or pushing weight improperly
The natural aging process.

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