For Neck and Shoulder pain

Benefits of chiropractic

Neck and Shoulder Pain

The neck and shoulder are the most mobile and used joints in the body. They are also a frequent site of pain and injury. Overuse and repetitive movements in sports or at work, accidents, whiplash injuries, and bad work postures, are a few of the factors that may affect the neck and shoulder’s stability, starting from slight discomfort to complete immobilization.

Neck Pain

Chiropractic care can alleviate neck pain by

Correcting cervical misalignments
Improving posture
Relaxing muscle tension
Improving global body motion

Cervical Spine and Neck Pain

Car accidents, poor posture or sitting for long periodes of time and constant stress, create chronic muscle tension and neck pain.

The nerves that exit the cervical spine become pinched, causing muscle contractions. Chiropractic care will recover the cervical spine’s natural articular range of motion and muscle tone.


of headaches are related to cervical spinal problems


The neck is an extremely sensitive area of the body, due to the blood flow to the brain and nerve structures that exit the cervical spine.

Minimal changes in muscle tone from poor posture, stress, whiplash accident, cervical spinal misalignment or shoulder instability can compress blood flow and nerve structures, creating cranial, cervical, and shoulder pain and dysfunction in the spine.

Benefits of chiropractic

Shoulder Pain

The neck and shoulder area are vulnerable and sensitive parts of our spine.

Incorrect position and shoulder motion, puts pressure on the nerves and rotator cuff tendons, causing it to become inflamed, leading to tendinitis, bursitis etc.

Chiropractic care is the best natural health approach to correct problems that come from misaligned cervical vertebrae and shoulder joints which pinch, damage, and degenerate the tendons, muscles and nerves of the shoulder.

Benefits of chiropractic for Neck and Shoulder pain

Pain, posture and joint misalignment are generally connected in our body. Incorrect position of the shoulder itself will put pressure on the nerves, tendons and muscles. Rotator cuff impingement, tendinitis, bursitis, calcification etc., are some of the inflammatory and degenerative conditions caused by the misalignment of the shoulder.

Shoulder instability and pain deepens on cervical spine and upper dorsal spine alignment because the nerves that control the shoulder joint initiate in the cervical and dorsal spinal cord segments and need space between the articular facets to perform muscle activity to hold the joint.

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