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Benjamin Tudela D.C.


“I understand health as the most important aspect in each individual’s personal development. For this reason, I have enormous respect and commitment to the health of my patients.
I began in the arts of manual therapy, seeking to release physical stress and soon discovered intuitively, how many physical stressors are part of the result of deep emotional conflicts and processes not properly resolved, digested and processed.
In my extensive and varied career, I have provided chiropractic care for internationally-recognized ballet companies, elite athletes, pregnant women, babies, teens and seniors. This experience has given me a high level of knowledge, further fueling my commitment to combine the most avant-garde techniques of scientific knowledge in the field of neuroscience, anatomy and biomechanics (applied to the development of the body and mind), with energy techniques that enable one to bring to consciousness very deep aspects of our subconscious that condition our physical, mental and emotional health – key aspects in our personal development.” 

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Education and Training

– Master of Chiropractic at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona).
– Master in Biomechanics & Muscle Testing Activation Techniques.
– Neuro Muscle Interactive Techniques (NMIT) and Mechanical Assisted Techniques (MAT).
– High Degree in Chiropractic: Pompeu Fabra University and Barcelona Chiropractic College.
– International College of Applied Kinesiology.
– Psychoneuroimmunology course.
– Craniosacral Therapist.
– Massage Therapy.
– Yoga Teacher Training.

Professional Experience

– Semperoper Ballet in Dresden & Peluca School.
– Mainz Oper.
– Forsyth company in Frankfurt (Ballet Frankfurt).
– National Ballet (Het National Ballet) in Amsterdam (Holland).
– Red Bull events for ski-snowboard champions in Switzerland.
– Private clinic in Zermattan and Luzern in Switzerland and Luxemburg.
– Barcelona Quiropráctic Center.
– Quiropráctica Danesa.

Call: (00352) 621 66 26 21

229 Rue de Kirchberg, Luxembourg

Working Hours

Monday-Saturday 6am-8pm.